[vcf-midatlantic] Old-school computing: when your lab PC is ancient

David Riley fraveydank at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 17:48:22 UTC 2021

On Jun 6, 2021, at 13:30, laurakid <laurakid7 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks for additional vindication, Dave.  I really do have a lot of concern about cybercrime but since I am a novice assume that any such concerns will be met with justifiable disdain from this highly knowledgeable group of industry professionals and enthusiasts.

FWIW: I am an infosec professional who works at a company you hear about on the news occasionally. (I am also a Dave, which should lend about as much credibility-wise). This is a valid concern (and, also, your instincts are generally on point anyway, don’t discount yourself so much!).

IoT devices are often rushed out the door with security as a distant third-place afterthought and are generally a horror show, security-wise. I keep mine on a separate VLAN and WiFi network, which is obviously not an option for everyone, but I want to be able to keep an eye on ‘em. Always be wary of what you let on your network and what you let talk to the Internet.

- Dave

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