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> > Bernie S paid a visit on May 16 at the very end of our repair workshop.
> He
> > had brought some items for Dmitry. One thing was a custom built 6502
> system
> > with all sorts of wires. Another one was a custom built Apple // clone.
> > Very interesting to see all these items.
> The photos reveal, some kind of late 1970's, hand-wired cassette-based
> computer of some sort. And some kind of massively reworked
> possibly-Apple-II motherboard surrounded by hand-wired boards.
> Jeff, were you told some kind of history associated with these
> constructions? Otherwise for anyone not alive in the era, these will be
> indecipherable pieces of chips and boards. And, that applies to most
> people interested today. I'll give some interpretation, otherwise this
> stuff looks awful from a 21st century view; and that saddens me.

Yes, but I didn't write it down and know the gist of it. I would have to
ask BernieS to send me an e-mail description.

>   Without my seeing them myself - I was on campus but unaware - all I can
> say from the era, is that many techs were obliged to wire up their own
> computers from pieces of other digital technology. Why? Because
> computers were not available or too expensive on the one hand, and
> pieces and parts of older computing tech were available cheaply on the
> other hand. And some people had the ability, tools and parts to design
> (or copy) and hand-wire their own boards.

Yes. Bernie S mentioned that the original machines were expensive so the
guy was trying to save money by building his own.

> Those skills were valuable in the years before (and after) personal
> computers started becoming available. When personal computers became
> CHEAP and available, this technology was abandoned - that's why it's all
> dusty and rusty. And so that's what you see now.

In any case it was fascinating to us because it was before our time. I was
interested in the historical aspect of it and the others were interested in
the technical aspect.

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