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> Jeff,
> That's great.   IBM PC BASIC is different than CP/M BASIC used on a

Yeah I kinda figured that it wouldn't be exactly what he needed. I just
grabbed what was physically and technically closest in the museum. If I had
time, then I would have researched it and found a more appropriate book.

> Zorba, there are many versions *(many)* of MS BASIC.  That was their bread
> and butter program from 1975-1985, until MS DOS and Windows came about.
> The MS fortune was first made licensing BASIC to various hardware vendors
> and producing hardware-specific variants.  I taught a class at a past VCF
> on this very subject and about how to manage BASIC per the hardware, etc.
>   There are books out there that explain how to manage BASIC on various
> hardware platforms, with program code samples that show differences on the
> Apple, CBM, Atari, IBM BASIC, etc.

I find that fascinating and would love to explore that further when I have
time (maybe this summer).

> Here is my slide deck
> https://www.vintagecomputer.net/vcf9/Advanced_BASIC_VCFE9.pdf
> ..NOTE:   It's just the slides not my talking points but it shows that
> there is a lot about MS BASIC in my talk.  Maybe it would be worth
> repeating this class at a future VCF.

We would love to have that repeated as a Friday class.

> Bill
> On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 4:42 PM Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic <
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> > Saturday and Sunday a super high interest guy came. I think he was about
> > late high school age and visiting from Georgia.
> > He stayed Saturday for hours and was programming BASIC on the Zorba by
> > himself. He asked to borrow a Microsoft BASIC manual so I gave him one
> from
> > the IBM 5150 and off he went. I don't know what his end product was as I
> > was busy with the repair workshop that day and couldn't stick around.
> > Dennis can fill us in as he was docent that day.
> >
> > On Sunday he came back again and was programming on the TRS-80. He used
> the
> > TRS-80 Graphics Programming book as a reference and created an
> > etch-a-sketch program.
> >
> > It's quite rare for a visitor to stay for hours like that and sit down
> and
> > program on these machines. From time to time I will get visitors that are
> > patient enough to sit down, type in a short program and teach them the
> > basics of BASIC programming.
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