[vcf-midatlantic] past, present and future

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Sun Jun 20 18:55:44 UTC 2021

I’ll contact you off list regarding these subjects, thanks!


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> > Hi all,
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> I plan to bring the exhibit I intended to show last year about Ted Nelson
> to VCF as well as my current exhibit of the PC Transporter for the Apple
> //e.  I will also be able to show demos of Ted Nelson's JOT and Jef
> Raskin's SWYFT systems for anyone interested.  Ted and Jef had great ideas
> that were ahead of their time.  The potential uses for them I see in the
> decentralized internet space (which is already being crowded out by
> corporate interests).  After corresponding with others who have done more
> extensive research I do not see them practically seeing the light of day in
> any product, other than specialized applications, like molecular biology
> which uses ZigZag.  If you have different opinions, or stories about Ted to
> share, please contact me off-list at erangell at gmail.com.
> Thanks, Eric

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