[vcf-midatlantic] Laserdisk transfer to digital?

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So called “Video Game Enhancers” are simple time-base correctors and will
remove Macrovision.

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> Laserdisc has a few different formats: all analogue, analogue video with
> mono analogue audio and digital audio, or analogue video with all digital
> audio.
> They key to a good capture these days is to get the best composite video
> converter you can find as the video is stored like a vinyl record, as an
> analogue composite video stream. So yes using the svideo on some of the
> newer players, the conversion of composite to svideo is still not the best.
> I need to find a link to a decent converter to 720p I have been using with
> vhs and am happy with.
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> Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer laserdisks to a modern
> digital format? There are 16 laserdisks recently donated that have C
> programming training from 1984, which was part of a UNIX and C
> training program. The reason for the transfer is that we don't know how
> rare these disks are nor how long laserdisk will last.
> There are 16 laserdisks as well as supplemental floppy disks and some
> paper
> manuals.
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