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> Wow, do we recall the 'Junk yard' (meant lovingly) with rose colored
> glasses?
> I'll venture a guess that I started going to TCF in 83, though I did hear
> of it in '80.
> I remember all the good junk (hence the junk yard moniker) and recalled
> drooling over many
> things from terminals to complete racks of PDPs and the spare parts were
> incredible.
> But each year more and more of the retired equipment dwindled and
> eventually retired equipment
> was sold to retired equipment businesses who sold it back to those who
> retired it in the first
> place because some of the systems couldn't be replaced*. Say late 80's
> By that time the PC revolution had taken over and everyone had to have a
> PC. I think my friends
> and I must have purchased 12 complete systems from parts and spent the
> rest of the weekend
> assembling them for others. By this time the Junk Yard became the Scrap
> Yard as the rest of the
> good stuff wasn't showing up as TCF had become more PC centric.
> And as others have noted most of the good stuff was traded/sold before
> things really opened up.
> Then TCF moved to MCC (Mercer) for a while (got a nice Z80 starter kit and
> Applied Micro Z80
> emulator for $10). Then it moved to MCC (Middlesex) then Ken Gordon (?)
> took over, then back
> to The College of NJ (College name changed in there somewhere). Now it's
> mostly the talks and
> a really small swap meet.
> Now having bad mouthed history I do thing that VCF could do something like
> this with VCF East

Unfortunately we don't have enough volunteers to do both a swap meet and
VCF East at the same time.

> (or West or xxx). Won't be the glory days of the late 70's and early 80's
> but it would be
> a yearly pilgrimage for the faithful. :-)
> I have a lot of fond memories of TCF. Even a time when waiting in line an
> some bruiser went
> on a rant about waiting in line behind these 'geeks'. I threatened to
> adjust his criminal
> records for minor park and speeding to felonies and them losing the
> records. That shut him
> up, And no I couldn't do any of those things but society thought I could.
> ;-)
> * - A concrete company retained DEC, DECnet terminal servers and LAST
> until the mid OO's,
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