[vcf-midatlantic] TCF 2021 is a *GO* on Saturday March 20, 2021

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Tue Mar 9 00:52:44 UTC 2021

On 3/8/21 7:43 PM, Jeffrey Jonas via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> https://tcf-nj.org/
> All Systems are GO for TCF2021 on Saturday March 20, 2021!
> TCF2021: The 45th Trenton Computer Festival
> \xe2\x80\x9cThe Original Personal Computer Festival Goes Virtual\xe2\x80\x9d
> 100% Virtual Event via Zoom Teleconferencing
> Ten Simultaneous Tracks + HamCram
> TCF2021 Keynote Event: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love
> Artificial Intelligence, Jerry Foster, CTO & Co-Founder, Plex Systems
> Tricks and Tips for Windows 10 \xe2\x80\x93 David Soll
> Quantum Computing \xe2\x80\x93 Barry Burd
> WordPress Bootcamp \xe2\x80\x93 Lou Judice
> New Internet of Things (IoT) using 5G \xe2\x80\x93 Joe Jesson
> Stock Market Trading Using Neural Networks \xe2\x80\x93 Donn Fishbein

I might be able to watch if I get all my homework done. Only 20 hours of
classes left (I hope).

There was no way I could present this year. I've just completed 40 hours
of classes. That's wiping me out.

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