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> If you didn't come across this, it's worth the read:
> https://if50.substack.com/p/1980-mud
> Wasn't around for this, but I did do my MUDding in the very early 90's - i
> recall my housemates and I had a local 10b2 lan and an on-demand modem
> dialup so we all could play on our own computers down in the basement. We
> frequented NannieMUD and many others. That was when your ISP would give you
> real routable ip address and it was great fun.
> If anyone else is interested- i'm putting out feelers for VCF East 2021
> (I'm banking on it being in person!) - and running some vintage muds on
> vintage UNIX systems, connected up to each other with lots of terminals for
> interactive play. Message me off list if this is something you are
> interested in ideating on. (hint-> Jameel, Perkins, Ethan(s) and others
> from UNIXTOWN...)

This is an awesome idea Andy! Right in line with the theme of text
adventures. This is basically an online multiplayer dynamic text adventure!

> -andy

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