[vcf-midatlantic] Non-IBM CD drive on PS/2

Jason Perkins perkins.jason at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 13:13:51 UTC 2021

Perhaps not so helpful, but I had a PS/2 Model 77s, and had no trouble
fitting an off the shelf SCSI cdrom, and having it work in Windows 95.

Do you have your virtual termination set properly? :)

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> Any PS/2 experts on the list? I have a question about getting non-IBM
> stuff working on a PS/2 Model 80 running PC-DOS 4.01. Has anyone gotten a
> non-branded SCSI CD-ROM Drive working with a SCSI-based PS/2?
> I’m using the PCem emulator which, if you don’t know it, is an emulator
> like DOSBox but emulates specific PC-compatible brands and machines. So, I
> can do a Compaq DeskPro/386 or an IBM PS/2 and it emulates all the quirks.
> It’s pretty neat. I had both of those machines when I was in college so
> it’s a great step back.
> Anyway, I’ve learned about ADF’s and stuff, so I have a pretty good
> working system at this point — a PS/2 Model 80 with an IBM SCSI storage
> controller (it’s the “SCSI controller with cache” model), 312mb drive, and
> a SoundBlaster card. The only thing that doesn’t work is the emulated
> PCem emulates a generic SCSI CD that I have assigned to SCSI ID 6 and I’ve
> run the Reference Disk. I’ve read that if it’s not an IBM-branded CD, there
> are issues with getting it working. I’ve loaded the ASPI4B SCSI driver and
> the IBMCDROM driver (with the “/i “ and “p:2” params, but it barfs on
> loading.
> If anyone can give me a push, that’s be great. I can add a CD definition
> to the source code, but I’d need info from a real IBM CD drive like the ID
> string, serial number, etc.
> Thanks!
> Rich
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