[vcf-midatlantic] Museum Report 2021-03-20

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sat Mar 20 21:46:13 UTC 2021

About a dozen visitors stopped by today.
Some casual visitors and some high interest.
One guy took a short tour, but had high interest and was familiar with a
lot of the machines.
A teen who builds his own modern PCs had high interest arrived with his
mom. He tried out Lunar Lander on the Apple I, Space Invaders on the
TI/99A, various demo programs on the Apple //, Textrix on the Unix PC,
Minesweeper on the Windows 3.1 machine. I would have had him try some basic
programming, but they arrived at 4:30 so they were running out of time
before they had to leave shortly before 5.

It seems that visitors are increasing at InfoAge.

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