[vcf-midatlantic] Swap meet interest

Kelly Leavitt kelly at catcorner.org
Tue Mar 23 18:32:15 UTC 2021

They're 1U dedicated firewall boxes with a Lanner MB-7580T motherboard. There really isn't any documentation for it. It has 7 network ports and usb ports.

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Normally I'd make arrangements for the big Dell to keep my regular
sized one company, but my apartment building wanted me to stop doing
that...... However what do these  "old watchguard m525 boxes with the
CF card removed." look like? Those I would take. A plus if you have
the documents for them.

Incidentally Jeff I made arrangements for the big ice boulder to come
back as rain later this week.
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> Anyone interested in mid 2000's servers? I have several. If there is interest, I can bring them to the swap meet. They're big Dells, heavy and have no SCSI drives. Otherwise, the free e-cycling event is this weekend.
> I also have two old watchguard m525 boxes with the CF card removed.
> I'd like enough money to justify bringing them and to help pay for the spot.
> Kelly

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