[vcf-midatlantic] H89 for museum; gotek?

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Sun May 9 20:00:27 UTC 2021

On Sun, May 9, 2021 at 3:39 PM Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic <
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> Just as a matter of courtesy: consider starting a new thread when the
> conversation changes greatly from the "subject" line. I am a user, I'm
> not in charge. But since I'm posting a response, I'll change the subject
> line.

Yes, I agree Herb. Thanks for the catch. I usually enforce the topic drift
and get people to create a new thread, but missed this one.

> The subject of the thread "Needed SD card solutions for museum" was
> about SDcard adapters to replace floppy drives on 8-bit computers. But
> most of the thread now is entirely about an H89 acquired which may be
> donated to the VCFed museum; and/or about the utility of a "Gotek"
> hardware product for it that emulates various vintage floppy drives with
> file-storage.

Yes. We like to have original hardware, disks, etc. where possible, but
modern SD card solutions make it much easier and sometimes faster to do a
demonstration in the museum.  As is often the case hard drives fail, floppy
drives fail, disks fail, but modern solutions are easier to find, replace,
fix, and troubleshoot. I also like the fact that one can have a lot of
software in one place instead of spread over multiple floppies, etc.

> I would have ignored the thread, except by luck. I read this list
> online, after the fact; not by emails. And anyone looking backwards or
> search, would not find those H89 interests among the subject lines,
> until now.
> The H89 by Heath and Zenith is a great 8-bit Z80 system. It works fine
> with original hardware and software, and hard or soft sectored disks.
> One needs a controller for each, with drives dedicated for each. That's
> how it was done in the era. But people today do like putting modern
> widgets and new boards on it, some use modern mass storage. The H89 and
> support for it, or a system to restore or to pass to the Museum, are
> certainly worth their own discussion threads.

I agree. I'm endeavoring to learn more about the H89 system. Admittedly I
know nothing about it other than the Heathkit legacy.

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