[vcf-midatlantic] vcf-midatlantic] Value of Air Compressor in CDL workshop

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sun May 9 20:08:50 UTC 2021

 > used 5HP air compressor, Grainger Model is 3Z724, needs work.
 > This unit is actually 208, 3 Phase.  It's belt driven and only
 >  turns 1800 RPM at the motor pulley.

Just my opinions, following.

This is tremendous overkill for blowing some dust off some electronics, 
that being any vintage-computing interest. Especially when considering 
it will be operated in another room, meaning running air lines to 
workbenches. Cans of compressed air (or a shop-vac) solve the 
dust-cleaning problem immediately, cleanly, no oil.

Otherwise it seems to me, CDL is talking about labor and capital 
improvements - like running lines between rooms, housing noisy 
compressors, equipment maintenance, filters, etc.

But CDL didn't ask for advice. They asked VCFed,  what as customers of 
CDL what they might use at their bench. So I'll hold my tongue about 
advice to CDL.

But if they decide against acquiring  it:

  1) this might be a capital equipment tool, better suited for working 
on cars, trucks, mowers, big mechanical stuff. Are there not other 
groups at InfoAge who do that stuff? Equipment Maintenance? or the 
military vehicle folks? they may find better use, make repairs, 
make/keep it portable. Then it would be available to CDL intermittently.

2) If the unit is really worn out or busted; there's that 1800RPM 5HP 
electric motor. That's pretty hefty, and a low rotation rate (most 
motors are 3600RPM). That sure would nicely feed some rotating equipment 
(I own a lathe myself). Or maybe a DC or AC generator, as a 
motor/generator set. and CDL is in the end a "maker" group, parts is 
part of making (seems to me). But if they don't want a motor like that, 
some other group at InfoAge might.

regards, Herb Johnson

Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
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