[vcf-midatlantic] Mac IIci, dead after power on

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Mon May 10 19:32:52 UTC 2021

> I have two IIci's with Astec supplies. I recapped both and I guess I 
> didn't clean them enough because both do this funky on/off thing like 
> the power-on-circuit is oscillating. I'd just love to bypass it and use 
> a toggle switch and be done with it.

If you look up the people doing ATX power supply conversions there is 
information with those people on how to bypass the soft ware stuff. Are 
you sure the power supply itself doesn't need to be re-capped?

In my case I only did the motherboard, but tested the output voltages.

 			- Ethan

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