[vcf-midatlantic] Value of Air Compressor in CDL workshop

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Tue May 11 13:22:13 UTC 2021

On 5/11/21 8:21 AM, Bruce via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Martin,
> Typical flexible air hoses are fine, within their pressure ratings.
> However, if you ever decide to plumb the room with rigid piping, be aware
> that there are a number of anecdotal accounts that PVC and similar plastics
> are not suited to the purpose and may explode, sending shrapnel around the
> room.  If you need sources for these anecdotes, I can ask around.

Hell with that! We can make our own anecdotes, sound like it's time to experiment.
I'm thinking the lack of explosives should keep DHS off our backs. ;-)

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