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Wed May 12 15:08:56 UTC 2021

After following up with the person who asked, it turned he wanted to read
tapes generated by a 10MB tape unit for a Tandy 6000 system.  Peter
Cetinski has such a system and is going to contact him to offer assistance.

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> >> "we need working 10 meg cartridge system
> >> can you help?"
> I got an inquiry of this sort recently. The person obtained a IoMEGA
> "Bernoulli" 10MB cartridge drive, previously for Apple/Macintosh use.
> The Bernoulli carts are flexible disk media in a black plastic
> cartridge. A predecessor of the IoMEGA 100MB/250MB ZIP carts and drives.
> None of these are "hard disks" literally, as I said they are flexible
> media. I have one of the 20MB drives and IBM PC ISA controllers and some
> media, described on my Web site. My colleague Caudle shows a model too
> in his post.
> There also were, many hard-disk media small cartridge drives in the era.
> But "10MB" suggests Bernoulli, unless it's Diablo/Pertec/etc.
> minicomputer class disk-pack drives from the 1970's which is unlikely.
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