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Tue May 18 13:11:23 UTC 2021

If you are referring to IC DIP sockets, I will interject my
opinion/recommendation on sockets to have on hand.

8, 14, 16-pin sockets are very common, as they are used for logic, some
RAM, and timer ICs.

18-pin sockets are used for a few specialty ICs in vintage systems,
primarily for GAL/PAL chips.

24-pin sockets are used for some special function ICs

28-pin sockets are useful for many EPROM chips and Z80 interface chips.

40-pin sockets for many 8-bit CPUs

64-pin sockets for many 16-bit CPUs, like the Motorola 68000.

For best results, they should be "double-wipe" (or dual-wipe) DIP sockets.
There are "single-wipe" sockets, but they are not as reliable.

If I had to guess what would be a good quantity assortment, in an armchair
expert opinion sort of way, I would say that out of a quantity of 100
pieces, the following breakdown might be useful:

15x 8-pin
20x 14-pin
25x 16-pin
5x 18-pin
10x 24-pin
10x 28-pin
10x 40-pin
5x 64-pin

That ratio is certainly subject to other people's informed opinion. I am
only breaking down the ratio based on what I've dealt with over the years.

Jeff Salzman

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> Dean,
> I’m ordering sockets for CDL stock / is there a specific type that is
> preferred ?
> Martin

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