[vcf-midatlantic] Which Amigas support 1.44MB/1.76MB floppy drives?

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Wed May 19 21:19:23 UTC 2021

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Date: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 16:56

To run a HD floppy drive for 1.76MB storage on anything but an Amiga 4000,
you'll need appropriate hardware or mods. A company called Applied
Engineering made an external drive that worked that way for all Amiga

The Chinon FZ357A drive is the only HD floppy drive that could conceivably
work on all Amigas without mods due to its ability to run at the slower DD
floppy drive speed. The Amiga chips can't keep up with the speed of a
conventional HD floppy drive. I also think you need KS 3.1, too.


That sounds familiar, I do recall having to pick up a very particular model to make it work.  (Mine is internal)

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