[vcf-midatlantic] [OT] My eyes are aging - glasses recos for electronics work/small print reading?

Crawford Griffith h.crawford.griffith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 15:22:08 UTC 2021


I don’t normally need glasses for reading, but for electronics, especially
surface mount stuff, I use a big lighted arm mount magnifier like Bill
Degnan.  I even have a couple of microscopes for really tiny stuff.  I also
have a variety of head mount magnifiers, hand held ones with and without
lights, and a folding 5” one I take to workshops.  All the portable ones
have been misplaced several times each.  Buying a replacement usually makes
the lost ones reappear.  I’ve used cheap reader glasses, but try not to
keep them on for long as they give me headaches.

John H. - Hate to say it, but I think you have to try a bunch of different
things and see what works for you.

- Crawford

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