[vcf-midatlantic] [OT] My eyes are aging - glasses recos for electronics work/small print reading?

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Wed Nov 17 19:27:55 UTC 2021

0) Get professional advice about your eyes. They wear down with age, 
that's been established in this thread. Safety is essential, to your 
eyes and about whatever you are doing.

1) Learn about lighting by: visiting hardware stores, visiting craft or 
hobby stores. Visiting sewing or cloth stores. They will have various 
lighting products.  New LED technologies are creating new products.
Of course, you have to see them to determine if they are useful to YOU.

Ask "crafters" you know - they have the same problem. It's the holiday 
season, ask the model-train builders when you see their holiday exhibits.

2) Learn about diopters, color temperature. Friends in photography, can 
advise you on uniform illumination. Spotlights produce glare, dark 
shadows, that's not helpful. Improving your workplace lighting will make 
a great difference.

3) Cheap plastic dollar store glasses, are what they are. They will get 
lost, scratch up, and break. Maybe someone can advise on real-glass 
glass readers in repairable stock frames sold by diopter, but any 
optometry store will have such things. I imagine Amazon will too. A 
virtue of cheap glasses is that you can experiment with what works and 
doesn't. Stack up glasses for use or to see what diaopters you need for 

4) Consider, you may need different solutions for different purposes. 
Witness all the solutions discussed in this thread.

But the more you learn, the more you can develop "discernment" about 
what works and WHY, what doesn't. There's no magic "one ring for all" 
solutions, and anyway your eyes will change over time.

regards Herb

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