[vcf-midatlantic] Festivus Repair Question - IBM P70 Floppy Drive Re-cap

Bart Hirst louisbhirst at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 17:39:04 UTC 2021

Ok great, thanks for the tip on the caps, I'll definitely bring some.  btw,
I removed the two caps opposite the ones you mentioned that have the
polarizing marks.  One is 4.7 and the other 10.  One came off clean, but
the one closest to the flywheel (4.7uF) I took the pad off that's again
closest to the flywheel.  I stopped there because I don't have the
equipment to look close enough to attempt repairing that junction.  The
traces are intact, but some bridges will need to be built there if you know
what I mean.

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