[vcf-midatlantic] University of Akron contact?

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sun Oct 3 22:20:35 UTC 2021

> Marcus Mera is looking to borrow the [U of A] VersaWriter, contact wanted.

The Web page says: "Contact Information: Send reference and licensing 
requests to ahap at uakron.edu"

My experience with museums, and universities, is that they are reluctant 
to have just anyone obtain or mess with their artifacts. Don't blame me 
for reporting this circumstance.

The versawriter itself, has some history I believe, that can be found on 
the Web. I stumbled over it not long ago, which is why I've responded at 

So it's a known thing. My engineering spider-sense suggests to me, it's 
two adjustable resistors - potentiometers - on sticks. If so, someone 
somewhere has reverse engineered it. I think someone reasonably handy, 
could build a duplicate, if my guess is correct. And odds are, someone has.

Additional Web research should be informative, to find the details 
and/or a willing owner and/or how-to-make. Atari is not my tech, but I'm 
curious now.

Regards, Herb
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