[vcf-midatlantic] WTB/WTT: Asante Mini EN/SC with PowerBook Cable for Full Size

Jonathan Chapman lists at glitchwrks.com
Fri Oct 15 17:51:18 UTC 2021


I've got an Asante Mini EN/SC with PowerBook cable that I'd like to trade for the full-size EN/SC. Turns out you need the special cable even if you're using regular SCSI, and I don't have that one (stacking DB25 on one end, DB25M on the other). I've tested the Mini EN/SC with TangentDelta's PowerBook 180 and it works fine there, so it's definitely just a cabling issue.

I'd like to trade it for a full-size EN/SC, or alternately buy an EN/SC as I may have someone interested in buying the Mini EN/SC for their PowerBook.


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