[vcf-midatlantic] Compaq LTE 5280 5300 - Requesting assistance

Russell LeChard russell.lechard at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 23:45:22 UTC 2021

Good Evening VCF East,

I'm new to this group(but not to IT in general [30 years experience ]) I
love vintage computers. I'm also in the process of restoring several
vintage notebooks. Two in particular are Compaq LTE 5280 and 5300 models.
Both have moderate problems. The 5280 is the better model. I'm trying to
salvage parts from both to make one good system. I need to replace the
Multifunction bay(Floppy/CD-ROM), hard drive bay, and battery bay from the
5280 with the floppy, hard drive, and battery from the 5300.

Here is my problem, I'm unable to eject these components from the bays in
the 5280. The release buttons seem to be locked and won't slide all the way
forward.  There are supposedly locking screw holes on the bottom of the
unit, but there are no screws in them( they were already missing when I
obtained them second hand.) I'm very much stuck! LOL

I also have Cerebral Palsy with mobility and dexterity issues (I have one
good arm/hand to work with. This makes the disassembly of this notebook
even more problematic.

This system will be for myself for early/mid 90's DOS games BTW.

I spoke to another VCF East member and they suggested I send a message out
to the group with this request. I'm in the Toms River, NJ area and I'd even
be willing to discuss reasonable compensation(or a trade for other vintage
systems( I have others and vintage spare parts)) for someone with the
expertise in the Compaq LTE 5000 series for their time and effort. Let me
know. Thank you in advance.

Take Care,
Russell LeChard

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