[vcf-midatlantic] VCF Annual Committee Member Election

Dean Notarnicola dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org
Fri Oct 29 13:39:29 UTC 2021

I'm sorry if there was a lack of clarity. Normally, there are exactly two
seats up for election (as in this year.) There may be more seats up in
any given year if a vacancy opens or the committee expands. Committee
members serve on a two-year cycle on a first-in, first-out basis, and those
same members may choose to run for an additional two-year term along with
other nominees (there is no limit to the number of potential nominees.)
The two seats to be filled this year are Andrew Diller's and my own.

I hope this clears things up!


On Fri, Oct 29, 2021 at 8:32 AM Kelly Leavitt <kelly at catcorner.org> wrote:

> Who are the current members that are up for election?
> It seems the minimum would be two, but how many seats need to be filled?
> Sorry if there are obvious answers that I missed. My head's not been in
> the game lately.
> Thanks,
> Kelly
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> Dear VCF membership,
> It is time once again for the VCF-MA annual committee member election!
> There are two seats becoming vacant and nominations are now open.
> The election will be held according to section 4 and 5 of our published
> bylaws (copied below.) Anyone who directly received this message is
> eligible to vote.
> Nominations for committee members can be made by current list members in
> good standing
> simply by communicating the nomination via email to a committee member (
> alexander at vcfed.org, andrew.diller at vcfed.org, tony.bogan at vcfed.org, chris.
> fala at vcfed.org, dean.notarnicola at vcfed.org.) Members may also
> self-nominate.
> To be eligible for the election, the prospective nominee must then accept
> the nomination by replying in the affirmative to the nomination email. One
> nomination per member can be made.
> Nominations close November 25th. An updated list of eligible nominees will
> be published weekly.
> Voting will commence on November 27th and close at 11:59 pm on December
> 8th. Winners will be announced on December 11th during the Town hall event
> at our annual VCF Festivus celebration.
> *This is your chance to help steer the direction of VCF Mid-Atlantic!
> Nominate someone and vote in the upcoming election!*
> Regards,
> Dean Notarnicola
> VCF Committee Chairperson
> Steering committee membership includes representation of VCF membership, as
> determined by the VCF governing board and VCF-MA sponsored elections.
> • The committee membership will be determined by elections to be held on a
> yearly basis
> (currently December.)
> • Committee membership is ideally composed of five people but may vary due
> to various
> circumstances.
> • Two seats will be up for election in every cycle, unless additional
> vacancies create the need
> for seats to be filled, in which case all vacant seats will be up for
> election in that cycle.
> • Nominations for committee members can be made by current members in good
> standing
> simply by communicating the nomination to a committee member. One
> nomination per
> member can be made. Members may also self-nominate.
> • In the case of off-cycle vacancies, the committee may move to, without an
> election, appoint
> new committee members to fill the seats until the next scheduled election.
> • A committee chairperson will be appointed by the committee members within
> 30 days of any completed election cycle.
> • Prospective committee members should be knowledgeable in some aspect of
> computing,
> preferably vintage computers, and show a demonstrated interest in vintage
> computing,
> computing history, and museum management and governance.
> • In order to be sufficiently aware and have proper perspective of museum
> and warehouse
> issues, prospective committee members should be able to physically attend
> VCF events at least
> quarterly.
> VCF general membership is open and granted to anyone who joins the mailing
> list. Voting rights will be granted to members who register for the mailing
> list no less than 30 days before an election begins.

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