Compaq portable III tips

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Sat Sep 11 04:03:33 UTC 2021

Yes I downloaded the floppy image for configuration.
I turned the computer on and of course it went up in smoke. Not really surprised.

I found two tantalum capacitors bad, one that exploded and another that shorted out which I found fairly easily.

After a second power up, it came on and booted with the floppy to the compaq diagnostics.
Plasma screen is nice and bright.

I still have to replace the bad capacitors and the hard drive is not spinning from what I can tell, so I’m going to have to check that out another day.
 Computer came with the optional accessory card slots attached,
which has a 40mb “hard card” card and one empty slot.
I’m not sure what size the original hard drive is supposed to be in this but I’m going to check another day.

So far so good!

Mike Rosen

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> On Sep 10, 2021, at 11:40 PM, Jameel Akari <jakari at> wrote:
> I have no specific tips but one anecdote: mine powered up fine without checking anything first. Popped in a DOS floppy and it booted. The keyboard cable seems to be really prone to fail (mine is crumbly) and you might want to examine that carefully for shorts first. 
> Once I’ve got a couple other vintage PC projects squared away I was planning to have another look at the III and make it a config/diagnostic disk, then see what I could do about a hard disk.
> -- 
> Jameel Akari 
>> On Sep 10, 2021, at 8:43 AM, Sentrytv <sentrytv at> wrote:
>> I’m sending a note to people on the list here that know anything about the Compaq model III Model 2660?
>> I actually just picked one up and before I do anything I would like to get a few tips for this specific model before turning it on or plugging it in.
>> Thanks
>> Mike Rosen
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>> My extremely complicated, hand held electronic device.

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