[vcf-midatlantic] Glitchworks workshop at VCF East 2021

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Sep 28 03:32:16 UTC 2021

The following will be what Glitch will be bringing to his workshop during
VCF East:

* XT-IDE rev 4A kits
* R6501Q SBC kits
* RAM expansion for R6501Q kits
* 8085 SBC rev 3 kits
* CF adapter boards (works with both R6501Q and 8085 SBC rev 3, but really
for the 8085 SBC)
* 8255 parallel I/O and prototyping interfaces
* Blank prototyping cards

The workshop will be running 9AM to 5PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Jeff Brace
Vice President & Board Member
Vintage Computer Festival East Show-runner
Vintage Computer Federation is a 501c3 charity
jeffrey at vcfed.org

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