[vcf-midatlantic] Tony Scara passed on April 1

Christian Liendo cliendo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 12:27:26 UTC 2022

If you are from NJ and have been to Ham events you may know of Tony
Scara. He was a computer tech who lived in Piscataway NJ. He was a
collector and fan of vintage technology.

He worked for Electronic Associates, Inc. (EAI),  he also worked for
another computer company that I forget right now before joining
Rutgers University working on computers there.

He had a whole house of machines that slowly dwindled away as people
bought them. I couldn't believe his collection.

I purchased a number of items from him ( one of the northstar horizon
in VCF's collection came from him as well as an EAI computer), during
that time we got to talking and started a friendship.

I brought him to VCF which he enjoyed but he couldn't walk too much
because he was in his 80s. We stopped and instead I would share photos
and we would talk about machines back then.

I didn't get to see him much in the last few years because of COVID
and because he was in his 90s now and so we would talk on the phone.

He didn't get to hang out with us, but he was one of us. He really
enjoyed talking about old technology.

I know other people have bought from him, I know other people have met
him. I hope you have as fond memories as I do

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