[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2022 Pre-Event Survey Results

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I would still love to volunteer.  Please keep me posted.  I was just at the dog park near infoAge today and was reminded 

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> After reviewing the results - and btw a very nice set of questions - it
> seems if we just keep VCF at IA and rename it to the VCF Annual CRT Repair
> Festival, make everything CRT repair classes, get a burrito truck, maybe a
> keto truck and hold everything outside in the rain, we'll have an amazing
> festival on our hands!


April Fool's Day was *last* week ;)

> Can we do that?

I appreciate any feedback whether it is feasible or not. I'd rather know
what people are thinking than to never know. Making an anonymous survey
allows for honest feedback. We will do what we can to improve the show with
the volunteers and resources available. There is also a lot of stuff that
people don't know about what we have tried already, like get a food truck.
We have tried to get a food truck and 12 different companies were unwilling
or unable to come. We have found that there are certain restrictions in
Wall Township that make it harder for them to operate in the town. Bottom
line lunch trucks are not willing to take the risk of not making enough
money on an event they don't know anything about. We have even tried
incentives to pay them to come to no avail. So we will sell our own food
which is frozen food reheated in the microwave. This requires a minimal
food license, but very easy to do. InfoAge did this 5 years ago and made a
good chunk of money. We have Sea Cadets and their parents to help with
this. We did this successfully at the swap meet and the food was decent!

> -andy
> p.s. thanks jeff and rickL (not sure if he helped with this survey) nice
> set of data

Yes. Rick is an expert at writing surveys and does this for a living. He
also has never attended our show so he is objective at this point. The
survey was our first attempt so we will refine it as we go along. Rick will
also get a better idea of questions that we should ask to help improve the
show as he sees the show and the audience.

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