[vcf-midatlantic] Rube, Heath and Rowland

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 20:19:03 UTC 2022

Back when machines were fun, we had Rube, Heath and Rowland

In the USA, we call it a "Rube Goldberg machine".

In the UK, it's a Heath Robinson or Rowland Emett.

Emett's Computer (1966)

Inventor Rowland Emett is seen working on a mechanical automated 'computer';
commissioned as a show piece for a famous computer firm.
He fits a bone with a small lampshade and adds a wheel to the end.

Various shots show 'The Forget-Me-Not Computer'; an amazing and surreal
contraption with many turning wheels and moving parts.
Small balls revolve around china heads,
a currant bun is lowered into an information feeding bowl,
mechanical birds punch holes in playing cards, and so on.

A sign on the machine reads 'The Honeywell - Emett Forget-Me-Not Computer' -
Honeywell is probably the company that commissioned the contraption.

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