Bill Degnan Kennett classic PC

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Tue Apr 12 22:06:33 UTC 2022

If anyone is going to Kennet Classic to pick up any of the PCs Bill has for sale, could you please contact me.
I was looking to purchase the Packard Bell 486 computer but I am over 2 hours away from there and if it can’t be picked up I cannot purchase it.
 (Bill does not want to bring to VCF East)

So if anyone is going (and I can arrange payment) please contact me,
if you are able  pick up this 486 Packard bell for me, and bring to  the VCF East if possible.

I don’t usually ask for favors like this but I figured I would try.

If not, then oh well, what can I do.

Thank you 

Mike Rosen

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