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> https://vcfed.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Campus_Map_VCF_East_2022.pdf
> It's a fine looking map, and has good captions. There's no more time to
> do much more work on it. So it's fine for the coming event.

Thanks! There is still more time for revisions. We haven't printed out
copies yet for the attendees.

> But the problem I see, is that your guests are on foot and in cars. They
> need to see the actual walkways and streets, so they can follow them, to
> get from point to point. The photos of trees *block view of those
> streets and walkways*. So this map doesn't show parts of them. So they
> don't see a clear path, the paths that are on the ground in front of
> them. Solution? Cut and paste on the image, pieces of road.

Good idea!

We will have large yellow signs outside staked into the ground indicating
where the different rooms and activities are.
We will also have signs indoors which will say "You are here" and generally
indicate the direction of rooms and locations.
Also the layout for the exhibitors and vendors will be posted in those
rooms and given out to attendees.

> Smaller issues. The intersection of Marconi Blvd and Marconi Rd might
> include a caption: "to Rt. 18". You might include a marker on the map
> pointing to "North" (not so useful in New Jersey). Will dealers be in

Good point!

> "exhibits" or "consignment"? You don't show "the gate" from the parking

Vendors will be in the same room as exhibitors. Consignment is just that
where someone drops off items for us to sell for them.

> area, it's a common point of reference. Will the "guard shack" be used
> for any purpose at this event? It's not named.

Yes. The gate should be clear so that people have a reference. Good point.

The Guard Shack will not be used this year.

> And an odd thing: calling the section of 9001 "dining room" may make

This is the official designation by InfoAge to call that room the "dining

> visitors think it's a place where you *eat*. My memory is faulty, but
> wasn't that area called other things like "the ballroom"? Or call it

I have never heard it referred to as the ballroom. If my memory serves
right there is a plaque above the door dedicated to someone who donated to
restore the "dining room". I prefer to stick with the official designation.

> nothing, but leave the rectangle mark, for this map. This is a judgement
> call.
> These are suggestions, not complaints. I'm not being "negative". There
> may be no time for changes, that's fine. There's always another event
> that needs a map, you'll be informed about use of this map, and you can
> improve it.

I appreciate the suggestions and comments. They are most welcome. We are
always looking to improve the maps.

Thanks so much!

Jeff Brace

> Regards, Herb Johnson
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> Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
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