[vcf-midatlantic] OT: time to downsize

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Tue Apr 19 18:27:34 UTC 2022

> Yeah, I think the value is in the Mega4 and displays as well.  It works 
> great as do the monitors.  Yeah, I’m a musician, so I started with Atari 
> 16-bit systems for serious music - with C-Lab Creator software (and I 
> probably still have the dongle somewhere.)  Then I started using Spectre 
> GCR to emulate a Mac and switched over to Macs from there on.  (I 
> actually started with the TRS-80 Model I!)  OK, well I’ll keep 
> searching.  The monitors have manufacture dates on them, but not the 
> other stuff.  The date quest is purely academic on my part.
> - Bob Shuster

Ah see! I just picked up a Juno 106 synth last night that needs repair and 
the owner I think has 3 or 4 Atari ST systems from the past. I think he 
said he used Mastertracks Pro or a different sequencer.

I have (a patched copy) of Notator on my Mega 2 ST and it works pretty 
well. I tried that and Cubase and I think I like Notator more. Notator is 
now known as Apple Logic Pro which is pretty wild considering that it is 
very popular.

Also, with regards to the monochrome monitor. I read somewhere (but 
haven't found the info again) that there is a part inside the monitor that 
couldn't handle stress of filling the screen with image, so Atari turned 
down the image size. If you replace that part in the monitor it should be 
safe to stretch the image out to fill the screen. There was a ZIP file 
from some archive of Atari info that had the fix. I plan to do it to mine 
one day.

 		- Ethan

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