[vcf-midatlantic] Anyone have an Apple Imagewriter I serial cable I can borrow?

Dan FitzGerald danjfitzgerald at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 02:24:10 UTC 2022

I did a dumb and blew out a chip on the Imagewriter II that I was going
to use as part of my exhibit at VCF East this weekend.  Luckily,
somebody at work gave me her old Imagewriter I and Macintosh accessory
kit yesterday!  The problem is that while I need to be able to connect
my Mac to the printer, I *also* still need to connect my Apple II to
the printer.

Does anybody here have an Apple II (DB25) to Imagewriter I (DB25) cable
that I can borrow for the weekend?

Bonus question: Does anybody have a DB25 switchbox that I can use to
connect _two_ computers to a single printer?  Otherwise I am going to
go along with my original plan of swapping the cables whenever somebody
needs to print.

Dan FitzGerald

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