[vcf-midatlantic] Replacing keyswitches on a Macintosh Plus keyboard

Dan FitzGerald danjfitzgerald at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 18:25:03 UTC 2022


While doing a dry run for my exhibit this weekend, I (stupidly) forgot
that the keyboard was still plugged into my Mac 512Ke, and it fell of
the desk and the top rightmost keyswitches ('/' and '*') snapped.  The
keycaps came off, with the top part of the keyswitches still stuck
inside.  I tried to remove them with a pair of pliers, but I couldn't
get a good enough grip to do so.  So I used two-part epoxy to reconnect
the keycaps with the broken keyswitch stems back onto the keyswitches
themselves.  Electrically, they work, but I don't have high hopes of
this repair job holding (even through the weekend)

Has anybody here had any experience with a repair of this kind?  Do the
Mac Plus keyboards use a standard type of keyswitch that I can just re-
solder onto the board?  And how the heck can I get the broken stems out
of the two keycaps?

Dan FitzGerald

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