[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2022 Wrap-up

Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Tue Apr 26 13:51:17 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

VCF East 2022 was a great success! Initial reports indicate that
financially we recouped our large expenses this year. Everyone that I ran
into seemed very pleased with all aspects of the show and thanked me for
all my hardwork and dedication for making this show great. The talks were
diverse and top notch, the consignment was very profitable and great
treasures to be found, the food on site was appreciated, the exhibits were
incredibly exciting, lots of cool VCF Swag to be bought and the comradery
was fun.

I want to thank everyone who volunteered and helped me with the planning,
setup and breakdown of the show. I spent countless hours planning for this
show over the weeks and months before the show. Despite the huge amount of
time and dedication that I put into this show by myself, I would not be
able to make this show happen without the volunteers. The quality of the
show has been improved due to the volunteers such as the Sea Cadets and all
the individuals who made my job easier and improved the quality of the show
overall. For me, this is a part time job in the months leading up to this
show and a full time job the week before the show. I want to thank Bill and
Rick who helped me plan for hours every week ahead of the show. Bill is my
right hand man who helps set up the signs, docenting at the museum and with
anything that I need, before, during and after the show. Rick helped with
the planning and the survey as well as setup, docent duty and breakdown
after the show. The Sea Cadets were incredibly helpful with crowd
management and helping in all areas of the show. I want to thank Alex for
organizing the volunteers and running the consignment. They brought
consignment up to a new level with a Point of Sale System, setting up
storage carts for a less crowded room, labeling for items, spreadsheet
inventory and many other tweaks. Thanks to Corey for running the front
desk, helping with setup and breakdown of it. I felt relaxed to know that
he would have everything running there smoothly. Jason was great in setting
up the tables, managing the exhibitors and for making the campus map as
well as Lawson for making the exhibitor map. Ethan O and crew for bringing
the A/V to an even higher level of professionalism. They were so good last
year, but were even better this year! Thanks to Adam and Tony for setup and
teaching and all the instructors for doing the Apple 2 classroom. It was
very successful. Glitch had another incredible workshop and adjusted nicely
due to lack of kits by making it an S-100 repair workshop. Chris L for
helping where I needed at the front gate, breakdown, etc. Chris F for being
the speaker coordinator and all the other people who helped with the day
before, during and after the show. I was very glad to be able to go home
"early" on Sunday by 10PM due to help with breakdown. I'm usually there
until 2AM and come back Monday for several hours to clean up.

Thanks to all the great speakers for such diverse, interesting and
enjoyable talks. Thanks especially to Bil Herd for wrangling 12 Commodore
speakers together in one spot. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to
see so many of them in one spot. Thanks to all the Commodorians who came.
You will never see this happen again. Thanks to Burger Becky for such
incredible talks. Thanks to Kathy Kleiman for a fun interactive talk.
Thanks to Stephen Edwards for moderating the technical talks with the
Commodore folks. Thanks to all the in-person and virtual speakers who had
diverse and fun talks.

All the steamed talks were made private so that we have a chance to clean
up the videos and release them as separate talks. We need some time to edit
and process them before releasing them.

Our next year's show will be April 14, 15 and 16, 2023 back at InfoAge.
There will be two themes for this show. The first is: Computing in
Education. The second theme will be announced shortly.

I hope to see everyone again next year for an incredibly fantastic show!

Jeff Brace

Showrunner for Vintage Computer Festival East

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