[vcf-midatlantic] My Commodore Classroom story

Kelly Leavitt kelly at catcorner.org
Tue Apr 26 20:29:02 UTC 2022

Back in 1982, as I was going into my junior year of high school, I moved to a new school district in rural New Jersey.

The one I moved from (Vernon Township) had one Apple II plus computer and a link to an HP9000 time share using paper ttys. That was it for their computer program.

The one I move too (High Point Regional High School) had a very different setup. They had just moved from independent TRS-80 model III computers to a new room of twelve Commodore Super Pet 9000s with shared 8050 disk drives. They were offering a BASIC class for interested students. Since I had been programming in BASIC since 1980 (that's a separate story*), they let me test out of that and then do an independent study of Pascal.

What I actually did was mess around with peek, poke and what little assembly I knew while learning just enough Pascal on my own.

The Super Pet 9000 is well documented at the following two sites: http://zimmers.net/cbmpics/csp9000.html and http://www.6502.org/users/andre/petindex/superpet.html

I never hear too much about these setups but this is what I had to work with. I'd be happy to help out with a PET classroom, but I don't have any PET 9000s.


PS * Separate story on how I got involved with computers in the first place... I was playing PeeWee football. Through a freak tackle I ended up breaking my kneecap at the end of 7th grade. I was on crutches and then rehab for two years. They had nothing to do with me for the required PE class. However, the school had just gotten a grant for an Apple II plus. They asked me if I wanted to learn about it, so I did. I sat in the equivalent of a closet for two years reading about the Apple II and basic programming. Funny how my first two computers were NOT TRS-80s but that's what I like the most.

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