[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East 2022 Wrap-up

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Tue Apr 26 22:37:57 UTC 2022

Wow, that is a tough break.

My wife had a 2008 impala SS that used to drink oil at 95,000 miles but you could never tell unless you check the oil level, 
didn’t smoke, didn’t smell.
Used to foul up the spark plugs number 1 and 7.
During an oil change I ran some “engine restore” cleaner  into it and it worked well for a while until the next oil change.
Had to do that all over again
Needless to say I got rid of the car.

I hope you didn’t have a major problem but I’m pretty sure it is.

Good luck

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> I know there's a survey, but I will share that I very much appreciated vendors being interspersed with the exhibits.  Stepping away from the table is always hard to do, but it's much easier when you can watch your table while enjoying the exhibits in the same room as you.  I know at least one attendee wondered why the organizers didn't put all the vendors in one room, but I could not seem to explain the benefits (I suspect he was a "reds go in one pile, whites in another" type of person.) I enjoyed many of the InfoAge exhibits before I left, though the multiple exhibit rooms was a bit tedious to navigate at times. (It doesn't look like a larger combined exhibit space is available at the venue).
> The trip was almost cut short as a no-show, with the little Smart ForTwo developing a nasty habit of drinking oil midway enroute to NJ, to the tune of 1 qt per 200 miles, and the little 3 cyl engine only holds 3.5qt.  It turns out that 5W40 (or pretty much any 40 weight oil) seems to not be in wide usage in the East :-) and is thus hard to source enroute. Luckily Advance Auto in Neptune, NJ (cute city name...) had it in both 1 and 5 quart containers, so we stocked up for the drive home, hoping the little engine that could would make it 1000 more miles back to Iowa.
> Though I now probably sport the only Midwestern Smart car that sounds like it's powered by a 2 cycle chainsaw engine, it delivered me back here.  Now, it's off to Mr. Service Tech to determine the extent of damages.  Hopefully not too bad, as making the trip in the other option (F350 DRW diesel getting 13-15MPG @5.XX/gallon of diesel) makes the trip significantly less economical.
> Jim

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