[vcf-midatlantic] My Commodore Classroom story

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Tue Apr 26 22:38:28 UTC 2022

On 4/26/22 16:29, Kelly Leavitt via vcf-midatlantic wrote:

> What I actually did was mess around with peek, poke and what little assembly I knew while learning just enough Pascal on my own.

Not High School but college, something similar. Got me in a bit of trouble as I managed to get through the course in a matter of two
weeks. So my friend I and would get into arguements on
correctness & speed or size of the code. Got kicked out of the class a few time when we got a
bit over zealous in our discussions. But that was so much fun.

> PS * Separate story on how I got involved with computers in the first place... I was playing PeeWee football. Through a freak
> tackle I ended up breaking my kneecap at the end of 7th grade. I was on crutches and then rehab for two years. They had nothing
> to do with me for the required PE class. However, the school had just gotten a grant for an Apple II plus. They asked me if I
> wanted to learn about it, so I did. I sat in the equivalent of a closet for two years reading about the Apple II and basic
> programming. Funny how my first two computers were NOT TRS-80s but that's what I like the most.

During the same time period as the above my EE classes were getting invloved
with some digit but a lot of analog. Most of the students wanted to get into
audio (so they could have nice stereos in the cars) but I was interested in
micro-controllers and computer. I read everything in the library on the subject
(wasn't much there except the magazines). I spent hours reading about Apples.
Never really like the Apple as far as the company went and they were expensive.
But I loved the ROM and how easy it was to interface to them. Built an Apple
bus driven DigiTalker. Worked great, gave it to my lab partner as he had the
Apple. Eventually I got my Atari 800XL.

Always drooled over the RS TRS80 catalogs.

I did my BASIC on the PDP11 (Unix), don't recall the class, got an A. Do
recall Colossal Caverns. :-) I can now let my AI play CC on my PiDP8. ;-)

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