[vcf-midatlantic] Replacing keyswitches on a Macintosh Plus keyboard

Dan FitzGerald danjfitzgerald at comcast.net
Wed Apr 27 15:16:15 UTC 2022


Thanks again, you were a real lifesaver with those keyswitches and
keycaps!  Contact me privately and I'll throw some money your way for
them!  Also: who did you recommend I order the new eject gears from for
the Mac 512Ke floppy drive?

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Dan FitzGerald:
> that the keyboard was still plugged into my Mac 512Ke, and it fell
> ofthe desk and the top rightmost keyswitches ('/' and '*')
> snapped.  The

OK, I can help you but you have to help me. The M0110A keyboard for the
Plus and 512KE has a numeric keypad on the right with the keycaps you
describe. The M0110 "short" keyboard for the 128K and 512K does not.
Point one: you have the long keyboard right?

Point two: there's no "standards" when it comes to keyboards, OK?
Brand, model, where it was built, when it was built - those come into
For expediency, I'll just ask you identifying questions.
A) what color is the broken *keystem*? Creamy white? Ivory white?
Black?b) what color is the *keycap*? Grey/platinum or brown/tan/beige?
I can likely supply you at InfoAge, keyswitch and keycaps on Saturday
to you in hand, if you inform me before Friday midnight. OK? Plan B: I
find out Saturday and provide parts Sunday. With parts in hand you can
visit with Jon Chapman at the CDL lab at InfoAge and repair the
keyboard in some short period of time. Please reply privately to me so
we can work this.
Regards, Herb Johnson

-- Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey in the USA
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Dan FitzGerald

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