[vcf-midatlantic] Has anyone thought of the VCFED hosting a Mastodon instance?

Ethan O'Toole telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Apr 27 15:31:11 UTC 2022

> Look, I know that this probably going nowhere, but there is currently
> an interest in people posting to something other than Twitter because
> of Elon Musk.  I've been on Mastodon for a couple of years, and it has

The twitter takeover is cool. Seems like a good time to support twitter? 
Fascinating times. They are burning all the evidence now of the 
manipulations that have been going on, to swap public opinoons and stuff. 
Large swaths of followers disappearing from some users, appearing for 
other users. Wild times.

> its flaws, but a VCFED Mastodon instance wouldn't be the worst idea on
> the planet.  One of the flaws with Mastodon is that its like Twitter if
> it was open-protocol and made up of clusters of special interest
> groups.  If we had a VCFED Mastodon open only to members of VCFED (we

One of the big problem with things (like Facebook) is the lack of 
indexability of solutions. Not that Google is indexing things very good 
these days, but still having solutions able to be archived and indexed is 
a good thing. How does Mastodon work in that sense? I am only slightly 
familiar with Mastodon. I signed up for that Minds platform which seems 
sort of interesting but haven't logged back in.

Another issue is just bandwidth. Between E-Mail, IRC, Slack, Teams, 
Discord, forums, Telegram, SMS/Signal ... one just runs out of mental and 
time bandwidth for all of these different platforms -- so now I find I 
give less attention to them all? Not sure how other people deal with it.

It's cool though supporting new things. I was planning for every video I 
upload to Youtube to also upload it to those other oddball platforms.

Perhaps VCF could give you a VM on their server to set up the Mastodon 
thing then see how it goes, but I for me the mailing list is my prime 
interaction. I'm on Discord but really don't look at it often since there 
is too much going on there.

              - Ethan

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