[vcf-midatlantic] Has anyone thought of the VCFED hosting a Mastodon instance?

Chris Fala chrisjpf33 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:50:40 UTC 2022

Chris, I share your sentiments.

On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 1:21 PM Christian Liendo via vcf-midatlantic <
vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:

> This is my own humble opinion. I'm not saying anyone is wrong, this is
> just how I see platforms like Twitter and I guess Mastodon
> I don't use twitter because I don't like the format, same with
> instagram and discord.
> The 280 character limit and the hierarchy turns me off. The whole
> having to make 10 posts to explain something is infuriating.
> It's also why I like YouTube over Tik Tok. Tik Tok is too short.
> Discord is chat and I don't have time for that. IRC has been around
> for years. I don't do that either.
> I am on reddit because I like the format. There are subreddits, The
> posts are about a topic and the flow is based on that post.
> Reddit's editing system allows you to make complex posts. When I ask a
> question I can give a lot of detail and same when answering.
> I know reddit has awful subreddits but I stay within the ones I like.
> I know twitter is bad as well.
> I am on facebook for my friends but honestly the computer groups have
> become intolerable. The number of dumb posts and memes have made
> groups a waste.
> The VCF Forum, is pretty good because it is focused, has a good number
> of dedicated people and you can get and share a lot of good info on
> there.
> https://forum.vcfed.org
> I'm not against VCF utilizing Mastodon, they use Twitter. I just won't
> use either.
> My two cents.

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