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Sat Apr 30 20:58:11 UTC 2022

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> Folks,
> I have to give a public Shout Out / Thank You to Jonathan Chapman and
> Glitch Works for the VCF East 2022 workshop / S-100 Clinic. Jonathan worked

I was glad to give Glitch permission to do a S-100 clinic due to the
shortage of kits this year. It only made sense to do something in addition
to the kits this year as they would sell out quickly and something cool
needed to be in that area. It appears to have been a wonderful experience
for everyone.

> tirelessly to get kits built, and S-100 systems fixed, while being
> incredibly patient even with newbies, tough customers, and some idiot who
> clogged his desolder station.

I will be taking care of that idiot next year to prevent them
interfering with not only that area, but all areas of the show.

> Highlights were:
> * Simply seeing 3 IMSAI’s (mine included) in a row on the CDL workbench
> with one early Altair was a treat. Ryan, Dmitry, and I got to see what
> other configurations the IMSAI’s had, and swapped known-good parts between
> us for testing.

Very cool!

> * Seeing a young woman come in, never having soldered before and seeing her
> first do a learners kit, then a full-on Glitch project.  There was also
> another young woman there later (Connor’s friend) also doing a kit.

Always good to have new people!

> * Just seeing people walk in, and say “so, what is all this”? and talk a
> bit about the CDL, and what we were working on.  (Tip for introverts, the
> end of the front workbench nearest the door make you spokesperson pro tem)

Good to talk up CDL as well as VCF!

> Jonathan’s expertise is hard to overstate, and he got my IMSAI operational.
> Jonathan did all the troubleshooting, and brought up the IMSAI power supply
> slowly so the electrolytic caps didn’t get all explodey  I swapped out some
> known-bad front-panel switches, then the fun began.  I recall there being
> at least a few badly tarnished TTL chips, and a bad one-shot chip.  At
> least two bad IC sockets, one of which was under front-panel switches -
> Jonathan showed how the socket could be removed without major surgery.
> Dmitry loaned a 3 voltage / current limited power supply so boards could be
> tested *before* plugging into the IMSAI bus.  In the end, I had a basic
> operational system, which is fantastic.  Jonathan identified some of my
> mystery s-100 boards, procured at Trenton ages ago.  In fact Ryan had one
> of them also to test, a video terminal board.  Ryan also loaned me his
> front panel as a swap test, and the extra pair of hands needed for lucite
> cover re-installation.
> So, thanks Jon/Glitch!  I promise to never clog up your Hakko desolder
> station ever again!

Glitch always does wonderful things in the Glitchworks workshop during VCF

> -Crawford

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