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Mon Dec 5 18:08:51 UTC 2022

All, I just saw Chris’ email about two days left for VCF Steering Committee Elections and then realized I had not seen my email on the list I (thought) I had sent the other day! So, here it is :-)

For those who are undecided as to which people they are voting for I wanted to give my thoughts and share perspective for several of the nominees.

Adam Michlin, Chris Fala and Doug Crawford have all my confidence as well as my support. This year was tough for me because there are other candidates I would like to see on the SC, but right now three seats are up, so three choices must be made. What a great spot to be in with so many great people to choose from!

Adam Michlin and i have worked closely on more projects than I have time to mention, including being on the steering committee together at its inception. He has worked tirelessly to promote VCF and improve our museum, warehouse and events. Despite some of the roadblocks thrown in his way he continues to do those things and more. For those that don’t know, when there is a miscommunication, misunderstanding, missed opportunity or just plain screwup, Adam is inevitably the one who smooths things over, corrects the mistake and bears the brunt of the ire of the aggrieved party when there is one!! This man literally greases the wheels of so many things that few if any of you ever hear about. There is, in my humble opinion, no one more qualified to help steer our organization into the future, period.

Chris Fala and I have also worked on many projects together, been on the SC together and share a love of Apple computers while eschewing any desire to have a commodore (sorry, couldn’t resist an Apple vs commodore dig at Chris)
Chris took the foundation and framework of the SC Chairman seat built by Dean Notarnicola and truly made them his own. After Dean worked tirelessly to help create the SC and then became its first Chairman, Chris has taken the position to the next level and shown just how much he is truly interested in seeing VCF thrive and grow. While no guarantee that if elected he would still be the Chair, the point is in any capacity he is someone we DO NOT want to lose as one of the drivers of this organization. I was so happy he decided to accept the nomination I submitted for him, he is needed in more ways than I can count.

Doug Crawford and I have also known each other for quite awhile now and our relationship was solidified by the fact that Chris Fala is the one who introduced me to Doug!! I know this email is long, so the best way for me to show the level of support I have for Doug is to mention that he is the person I immediately reached out to when I had to step down from the SC to deal with my wife’s health issues and see if he was willing to step in if the SC approved him as my replacement. Knowing Doug as I do, I was confident he would jump in head first and immediately start to come up with ideas to improve VCF and then turn those ideas into reality. In quick fashion he exceeded my expectations and proved I had grossly underestimated his impact on the organization and literally took things to the next level. My seat became his for a brief time, now it’s time for it to be his seat for the next few years!!

Difficult to not go on about the other nominees that are deserving of your support, but as mentioned only three seats are currently available and choices have to be made. Was difficult not going on about their qualities, but knowing who the nominees are this year, we cannot go wrong no matter which ones are elected!

I hope those who have not voted yet will do so and cast their votes for those nominees they’d like to see sit on the Steering Committee. Perhaps my comments here have helped make your decision a little easier.

Tony Bogan

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