[vcf-midatlantic] Final Day of Steering Committee Elections for VCF - Mid Atlantic

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Wed Dec 7 21:50:18 UTC 2022

Jeff, Thanks for that well thought out email.

Having been one of the non candidates that sent out an email to the list about the elections, I feel perfectly comfortable stating unequivocally that I for one am not “playing” at anything, let alone politics. Furthermore, I can assure anyone who bothers to read this email let alone the original one I sent out that I am neither part of nor in support of a good ole boys network. 

The vast majority of people on this list have never met me in person, and the same holds true for all the candidates, including you Jeff, meaning Many of those on this list haven’t met you or the other candidates in person. Many of those that have met me or others in person, have done so a handful of times at best, and rarely for any length of time. 

My goal was simple: take someone who has an in depth knowledge of VCF, the steering committee and many of the people up for a seat in the SC, that someone being ME, and give my unique perspective on those things so those who don’t know the people involved could get some insight.

Not insight into their personality or how chummy they are or what great computer repair people they are, but what they’ve actually done in and for the organization and what I believe they are capable of doing in the future.

Kinda hard to know those things when you don’t even know what the candidate looks like, let alone who they are and what they’ve done.

My email was to expand upon the Individual position statements to give an outside parties take on the people I think can do the most for vcf.
Not for me, not for them, for VCF. There’s no money involved for the candidates, no power, no political influence, just a labor of love for vintage computers and the organization that helps us enjoy and express that love of vintage computers. 
I spent three years on a federal fisheries management council. I saw a good ole boys network in action in actual politics and the political arena. I can say without a doubt, this ain’t one of those! (I left after three years because I refused to be part of that good ole boys network and take offense at anyone suggesting I or anything I say could be part of one)

I have, and will continue to, speak my mind, call things as I see them and give people any and all information I think can help them make an informed decision about elections for the SC, the price of off-road diesel fuel and anything else I have knowledge of I think can be of use to others.
In this specific instance, my knowledge of how things work at InfoAge, with vcf, the steering committee and some of the people who have been involved at all different levels of those things (and more!)

Thank you Jeff for your perspective, made me realize I should have been more specific in stating my motives for sending the email I did. Now I have.

Tony Bogan

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> On Dec 7, 2022, at 10:57 AM, Jeff S via vcf-midatlantic <vcf-midatlantic at lists.vcfed.org> wrote:
> (The statements made here are my own, and not directly from or on behalf of
> Today is the last day to make, change, or otherwise consider voting for the
> VCF Mid Atlantic Steering Committee positions.
> This is YOUR organization. Therefore, YOU are the one who has the best
> interests in mind for the organization, and as to who YOU want to see as
> members of the Steering Committee to help lead the organization.
> The Steering Committee is an important conclave. The intent of the
> committee is to help be the voice of direction for our member's interests.
> They are effectively your representatives, charged with listening to both
> you and VCF-MA leadership, and maintaining communications and information
> flow between the two.
> The Steering Committee election is NOT a popularity contest. There were a
> LOT of support statements made by non-candidates on behalf of current
> candidates. While it's perfectly normal that members may support one or
> more candidates with a passion, garnering votes through public expression
> of that support is simply playing politics.
> The Steering Committee is not a political entity, nor should it be subject
> to "good 'ol boys" methods of advocacy. Doing so could lead to bad
> practices where the Steering Committee is basically the same people having
> excessive exposure every election cycle.
> An organization does not grow on repetition. It grows on change. YOU are
> trusted by the organization to make sound decisions on your own, and to
> place those YOU feel are capable of fulfilling the duties of a Steering
> Committee member who is charged to effect change for the better. There is
> nothing wrong with adding new blood to the mix, if need be, to encourage
> change.
> Therefore, it is important to read the candidate's own position statements,
> and base your voting decision on those. If a candidate must rely on
> external support to make their statement, then ask yourself if that
> candidate is able to make important committee decisions on their own.
> The current Steering Committee candidates are as follows, with a direct
> link to their Position Statements (in no particular order):
> Doug Crawford - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-doug-crawford/
> Chris Fala - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-chris-fala/
> Alex Jacocks - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-alex-jacocks/
> Jeff Salzman - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-jeff-salzman/
> Dean Notatnicola -
> https://vcfed.org/position-statement-for-dean-notarnicola/
> Ethan O'Toole - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-for-ethan-otoole/
> Adam Michlin - https://vcfed.org/position-statement-adam-michlin/
> There are a lot of candidates, and it is more important than ever to
> understand where each candidate stands. Ask yourself if they represent YOUR
> beliefs? Even if you already voted, please take the time today to re-read
> all of the Position Statements. Pick the three candidates YOU feel will
> help the organization promote the needed changes to grow. If your vote
> remains the same, it's trusted that you voted in good conscience and the
> organization is thankful for your vote.
> If you wish to reconsider your vote, you can still do so. The voting rules
> are to take your most recent vote up to December 7, 11:59PM EST. You can
> click on the original voting link you received from Chris Fala (provided
> below) and cast a new vote if you wish.
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqnOZddYcoHTc59HLVn4QxWaEAdNehGL3kfe8WMaLDKFXwgA/viewform?usp=sf_link
> Remember, this is YOUR organization. Make sure you are voting for those who
> YOU trust to guide the organization in the direction you wish to see it go.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this message.
> Sincerely,
> Jeff Salzman

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