[vcf-midatlantic] What we can learn from vintage computing

Neil Cherry ncherry at linuxha.com
Thu Dec 22 22:08:23 UTC 2022

Hehe, I usually call Herb a curmudgeon (always in jest). Now I've got to call
Jeff a curmudgeon (also in jest).

Grew up in the 80's, so the microcontroller/microcomputer era. I have use the
6802 & 6809 Applied Micro Systems hardware emulators and love them. I have a
Z80B Applied Micro Systems emulator with my Z80 Starter Kit board. Those were
much simpler times. Now we have plenty of tools to debug. I think we're doing
much better than the front panel. ;-)

Heck I can be anywhere in the world with today's modern tools and debug. With
the hardware goodies (scope, logic analyzer, network sniffer). I can play back
crashes as long I set the triggers correct.

And after 44 years of driving a stick, I now have a 2022 car with bells, whistles
and gadgets. I kinda hate it. Still getting reverse and drive mixed up and forget
the manual shifting with the automatic. Do love the backup camera. Still learning
how to backup with the dang thing.

OMG, now I'm a curmudgeon! Gimme back my stick and get off my lawn! ;-)

BTW, I'm looking for the whole 6800, 6802 or 6809 Applied Systems emulator.
Let me know if you come across on. I see the pod on Ebay but nothing else.

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