[vcf-midatlantic] OS-9!?! :-) Was: Re: Bad bearing in Atlanta (ST-225)

Christian R. Fandt cfandt at twc.com
Sat Dec 31 03:35:29 UTC 2022

Hi Neil,

Back in the early 90's, I had gotten involved with Microware OS-9 on a 
small 68008 STDBus system intended to be used as a controller on a 
process machine at work at a now-defunct employer. (Good Heavens, that's 
30 YEARS ago!) Anyway, since I scrounged and still have the hardware and 
software sometime after the project got cancelled, I plan to mess with 
it again sometime into my retirement commencing in about a year or so.

Tell me about that FlexUsersgroup you mention (you indicated they 
discuss OS9 and OSK :-) ) How/where can I join?

It will help dust off my (rather Olde) brain in order to fire up one or 
more systems that I have. I bought my own license to OS-9 directly from 
Microware and bought other hardware back around then, too. Bought some 
Motorola MVME boards and rack, etc.  I wasn't married then and had 
disposable income available. I've also got a DG Nova 1200 with paper 
tapes and a couple ASR33 Teletypes I plan to have fun getting running 
again :-), but I digress.

Incidentally, I recently scored a stack of five or six ST225s from the 
electronic scrap bin at work -probably unearthed by somebody from the 
dusty, deep corners of a nearly 40-year-old 11 liter engine block 
machining line which we are in the process of demolishing to make way 
for new (up-to-date!!) diesel engine component machining lines. (I'm an 
engineer at one of the several Cummins engine plants in North America.) 
I may be easily talked into donating one for mechanical parts if Mr. 
Evanson arrives at that state if no other alternative. It will take time 
for me to unearth one of my old 8086-based machines which have MFM 
controllers, and software utilities, and try to *attempt* finding space 
in my shop to setup one that, itself, still functions, so not sure of 
the operating condx. of any of those units. So it would be, as they say, 
"as-is". I would like to somehow ensure the heads are parked, anyway.

Let me know.

Thanks for your feedback and time!
     -Chris F.

On 12/29/2022 11:34 AM, Neil Cherry via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> Michael Evenson of the FlexUsergroup (FuFu) email list (Flex, OS9, 
> OSK, UniFlex)
> has a drive with a failing bearing. Is there a repair group down in 
> Atlanta
> are like we have at the museum in Wall?
> Really like to help him keep going on his emulator.
> If not does anyone have a ST225 drive they're not using?

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