[vcf-midatlantic] “Comcast at Home” internet speeds 1998 or so?

John Heritage john.heritage at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 01:40:40 UTC 2022

Hey folks,

I’m trying to remember what download speeds Comcast at Home offered circa 1998
(when I first had cable modem).  I remember the upload speeds initially
being 256-384 kbps but then Comcast cut the upload to 128 kbps.  This was
terrible not just because it was slow but it was barely enough bandwidth to
even request data fast enough to saturate the download speed.

I think the initial download speeds were 3 or 4 mbps with cable modems in
1998 (south jersey area - former Storer Cable area), but I have a couple of
friends who think it was more like 768kbps - 1 mbps.

Any one have memories of this time?

P.S.  My google-fu sees a lot of ~ 2.8 mbps down on Cox at Home and some other
@Home providers around 2000-2003 but I’m having trouble finding earlier
than that period online.


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