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I can’t help but think about the current prices of Internet service by these providers Comcast, optimum, Xfinity.

If someone has a gigabit or better download and upload speeds they must be paying quite a bit of money for that service.

All I can say is that “optimum “
doesn’t give you a lot of choices about upload speeds at all and I had it out on the phone with them recently after needing to change my services.

Neil I am curious, what you’re paying for Internet?

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> Hey folks,
> I’m trying to remember what download speeds Comcast at Home offered circa 1998
> (when I first had cable modem).  I remember the upload speeds initially
> being 256-384 kbps but then Comcast cut the upload to 128 kbps.  This was
> terrible not just because it was slow but it was barely enough bandwidth to
> even request data fast enough to saturate the download speed.
> I think the initial download speeds were 3 or 4 mbps with cable modems in
> 1998 (south jersey area - former Storer Cable area), but I have a couple of
> friends who think it was more like 768kbps - 1 mbps.
> Any one have memories of this time?
> P.S.  My google-fu sees a lot of ~ 2.8 mbps down on Cox at Home and some other
> @Home providers around 2000-2003 but I’m having trouble finding earlier
> than that period online.

2.8 seems like a really odd number. Initial I think they only got up to 2/512 as the
proformance package (not sure they called it that then).

I don't recall all the packages. And problem is I recall from various times as
I started, as a customer, early on with some of the first installs of the @Home service.

I recall 2/256 (Up/Down Mbps/kbps) and 1/128 be available. I was one of the first to
get @Home service. I now have 1250/200 (Mbps) with Comcast. My 1.25/2.5 Gbps Ethernet
card arrives tonight.

I think the lowest was 128/64 (kbps/kbps). Usually the upload to download was 4:1 or 5:1
although early on the had weird ratios.

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