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Jeffrey Brace jeffrey at vcfed.org
Thu Feb 17 15:59:00 UTC 2022

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> As I spread the news for this event on my social media accounts, I try to
> respond truthfully to questions and caveats. The latter brings up one
> important question... since this is going to be on-site at Infoage, and not

You can always direct them to sending e-mail to swapmeet at vcfed.org to
answer questions.

> in the parking lot, will visitors to the swapmeet be expected to purchase a
> day pass to the museums to gain entry? If not, how are we going to control
> access to and from 9032-A to the museums in the rest of the building?

Those coming to the swap meet will not be required to pay for entry to the
museums. However those paying to the museums can go to the swap meet too.
I can't control those going to the swap meet from going to the museums too.
Obviously they should pay, but I will be paying InfoAge a minimum fee as
well as a percentage of profits for renting out the rooms on the campus.
The museums open at 12PM, but most people still think the museum hours are
1PM since they only changed a few weeks ago.
The swap meet starts at 8AM and will be mostly over by the time the museums
The Sea Cadets will be helping me with controlling the gate, parking lot,
inside the campus and helping people to find out where they are going and
direct them to the correct spot.
They will be stationed around campus helping me.
Once the main (small) parking lot fills, then they will be directed to park
at the large parking lot across from Broodale.
I've been organizing the logistics behind the scenes for the last few
months and finalizing details soon.
Right now the plan is that those who pre-register will be put in 9032-A
first (big open room where we used to have our repair workshops).
9032-A will be the VCF main desk for taking payments from vendors, helping
those organizing and selling VCF swag.
When 9032-A fills up, they will be put into the dining room up the ramp in
If that fills up, then they will be put into the women's bunk room in
If that fills up, then we will allow people to park on the grass near
9032-A and other areas if necessary.
We will also be selling hamburgers, hotdogs, cheese pizza, drinks such as
coffee, soda, water, hot chocolate. The Sea Cadets have volunteers to help
me with this. This will be sold in 9010-C which is the cafeteria.

 Please let me know if you have any more questions.

> On Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 11:50 PM Jeffrey Brace via vcf-midatlantic <
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> > We are up to 17 vendors so far with a total of 26 spaces.
> > I'm starting my advertising blitz to get the word out.
> > There's still time to sign up to get the preferred spot:
> > https://vcfed.org/wp/vcf-swap-meet/
> >
> > FYI: We are selling hamburgers, hot dogs, 4 cheese pizza, soda, water,
> > coffee, hot chocolate
> >
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